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Should I Have An Engagement Shoot

6 Reasons to have an engagement shoot

There are so many reasons to have an engagement shoot. And I can't think of any reason not to. The best thing is, they can be a lot of fun and help to get you into the spirit of your wedding photography on your big day. You can dress up or dress down, the choice is yours. There are so many things that could go wrong on the actual day - and I know you don't want that! But remember the day is all about you at your most fabulous, and to portray that you just have to feel good.

So why not grab the opportunity to have an engagement shoot? Here's a few reasons why it's the best thing to do.....

#1 This is the best opportunity to get to know your wedding photographer and start to build a relationship. You might have several conversations over the phone or zoom, but nothing can beat getting to know your photographer when their eyes are on you, behind the lens.

#2 Most of my couples tell me they don't feel comfortable in front of the camera. I remember Seyla and Dan (below) telling me just that. By the end of the shoot, they were so comfortable, and they loved how they looked too! They absolutely forgot I was there, and just enjoyed a morning walking around their wedding venue. The last thing I want for you is to feel uncomfortable on your big day, so an engagement shoot is the best time for you to start getting comfortable. So when the special day arrives, you'll be used to having me around.

#3 Even though you may have been together for years and years and you know each other intimately, it's not the same when there's a camera on you. That can actually make you feel quite awkward, and even stealing a quick kiss or snuggling into each other might feel totally unnatural. So, on your engagement shoot after you've had the time to just 'be', that natural movement around each other, those cute touchie-feelies will just come naturally with your photographer around. So that by the big day, you're be absolutely natural. When you're natural in front of the camera without having to pose it out as a couple , that really does show the love between you, and that's the memory you want to take away with you in your wedding photography.

#4 Your engagement photos also tell part of your love story, and these are useful for your wedding invitations or if you have a wedding website. These photos can get your friends, family and your guests into the spirit and excitement of your upcoming wedding.

#5 I can't begin to tell you how nervous you'll be on your wedding day, and quite possibly anxious too, even if you've done it all before. Not many of us like to be the centre of that much attention, even if the guest list is small. So having a shoot at your venue, getting used to the environment, getting used to just my eyes on you constantly goes a long way to easing those nerves. By the day, it'll be a breeze!

#6 having an engagement shoot at your venue goes towards your wedding planning, and it's a great time for you and your photographer to explore cute little spots around the venue that great photos can be taken. And you might already have some favourite spots that you can show your photographer. Rather than just planning to have wedding photos in those areas, it's a good opportunity to have some engagement shots there too.

See what people say, and how these two couples looked on the day......

"We can not recommended Dee enough. If I'm honest I wasn't expecting much from the photos because neither of us would consider ourselves photogenic, we are quite awkward in front of the camera. But to my surprise and delight Dee was able to make us feel comfortable and at ease and the photos she produced where amazing and beyond anything we could have ever imagined. Dee has even managed to get our photo onto the cover of a wedding magazine!

Brenda and I first met Dee at a wedding fair in London. The three of us hit it off immediately. Dee is such an engaging person and it wasn't long before we popped the question to her - would you be able to do our wedding in Ramsgate? She took a brilliant set of pre-wedding photographs, probably because we felt so relaxed in her company. When our big day arrived we felt completely confident that Dee would capture the many moments we would be cherishing for a lifetime. And she nailed it! Dee caught the essence of our truly memorable day.

Making you feel fabulous and relaxed, giving you an easy and enjoyable experience - that's my job!

If you think I can help you to look and feel your most gorgeous on your special day, be in touch, I'd love to hear from you.

Love Dee xx


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