How to Plan a Wedding in 3 Months

So you want to plan your wedding so that it happens in about 3 months' time. I'm here to tell you "it's absolutely possible!"

Firstly, create a planner (in a spreadsheet or on a wall planner or whatever you like) and plot out what you'll need to do and achieve in month 1, month 2 and month 3. This will help you to decide what you do and don't want in your wedding, and more importantly it will help you to budget.

Give yourself good deadlines and decide when you want to have your suppliers booked. Allow yourself some wriggle room - just in case you have any issues getting booked, particularly if the date you want is in the height of wedding season.

If you have key people in your wedding party, e.g. best man, maid of honour, etc. get them involved. When people are chosen as members of the wedding party, they actually do want to be involved and do things for you, way beyond organising the stag or hen party. So really lean on them to help you plan your wedding quickly.

Once you've plotted your wedding plan, start to delegate some of the tasks. A great way to do this successfully is to get your delegates looking at tasks now that are in month 3 and even some in month 2 if necessary. These will be further away in time, enough so that you're not in panic mode, your delegates can check in with you from time to time if there are any issues these can be addressed in plenty of time. And these are usually the smaller items, e.g. florist, stag and hen party, wedding favours, etc.

The biggest and more urgent and expensive tasks would be in month 1, e.g. your venue, your photographer - you'll deal with these.

"Many wedding suppliers huddle together and belong to groups in the wedding industry...

First things first, get your venue secured so that you have a date for 3 months time. Look at several venues. A good way to do this is to get online on sites such as Hitched or UKBride. You can run their filters for venues and locations, get viewings booked and see as many as you can in a short time. Make sure you create a list of 'must have' and 'don't want' features for venues so that you can choose your preferred wedding venue well and choose it quickly.

Now that you've chosen your wedding venue and secured your date, go ahead and find your photographer. Yes your photographer! And no not because I'm a photographer (well it is slightly), more because your photographer is a great investment in your entire wedding. This is the supplier who will capture absolutely everything and create your wedding memories. Often, the photographer is left until much later to book when funds are running low, resulting in cost being the thing that influences your decision.

I promise I'm not biased, your wedding photography really is an investment and not an ordinary supplier cost. After the cake has been eaten, the flowers have wilted, the venue vacated, your wedding photography will keep the dream alive and you'll remember how fabulous you looked and how you felt on the day. You'll be able to revisit those memories whenever you like.

Now that your photographer is booked, here's a little nugget of information to help you accelerate your planning to achieve your 3 month goal.

Many of us wedding suppliers huddle together and/or belong to groups in the wedding industry. This means that we can help you source other great reliable suppliers.

So always always ask for recommendations, this will help you enormously. Because 9 times out of 10, we'll be able to help you and you'll have suppliers who will work in synergy, which will add to the smooth running of your wedding day. Less for you to worry about.

There you go, all in 3 months!

A few tips:

#1 There are plenty of ways to do an e-invite, so you don't have to rely on postal invites and RSVPs.

#2 There are personalised wedding websites and web pages where you can organise your guests, menus and menu choices. This will keep you super organised in very little time.

#3 Week days are becoming very popular. If you do book a weekday, you're more likely to get the suppliers you want; and many suppliers offer discounted rates during the week.

#4 Some bridal boutiques sell sample dresses. This cuts down on the time it takes to make a wedding dress.......cuts down on cost too!

#5 Hiring groom and groomsmen suits saves a lot of time.

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