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Updated: Feb 20

Old Marylebone Town Hall

I've shot a few weddings in London registry offices, but this one - Old Marylebone Town Hall - I have to say is my favourite. I do love them all, because the weddings are so incredibly intimate. But this venue....... I have a soft spot for. No idea why.

These two weddings are particularly special to me because one was organised by the Bride from abroad and with just 8 guests, was so intimate and emotional - yes....... I cried! And the other was shot during 2020 lockdown restrictions. It's so amazing that the challenging 'season' that is Covid didn't stop couples from going after their dream........ to get married.

All I can say to couples is, don't give up on your dream and be open to the possibility that anything can happen, because this doesn't necessarily mean that you can't get married. Unless of course there's a full and complete lockdown.

Registry offices are very busy at the moment (even though we're still facing restrictions in numbers) and couples who are going for it, are finding that their wedding is just as romantic, just as special and just as dreamy. So go ahead and make your plans. And what you an do, is have your intimate registry office wedding on one date, and finish it all of at a much later date with a blessing and your wedding reception. Where there's a will there's a way!

If you think we're suited to work together, be in touch and let's have a chat about your big day!

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