Should you do our own wedding makeup?

If you've invested in a professional photographer, then I know you're wanting every special moment of your wedding day to be captured; and you'll be wanting your photographer to capture you at your very best!

So as well as your beautiful wedding photography being about your dress, your shoes, your flowers, etc., and all those things that make the look and feel of your wedding so magical - your wedding makeup will be a major feature!

You'll be photographed by virtually everyone and from every angle, distance and closeup. Your photographer will naturally be on you all day, and the camera phones will be snapping away all day too!

Us wedding photographers do our very best to get you looking your most gorgeous. And yes - from closeup too!

So if you're sure, absolutely sure, you want to do your own wedding makeup, there are a few things to carefully consider. Don't get me wrong, this blog isn't to put you off or to suggest that you're not capable, it's literally to give you things to consider. Because we want you looking absolutely fabulous right?!

Six things to consider if you're doing your own wedding makeup

Even if you do your makeup yourself like a seasoned artist every day, you'll need to pull some more skill out of the bag to get it just right for your wedding day.


It's going to be a long long long day and you'll need to allow for this. The last thing you want is for your makeup to fade (or slip 'n' slide) half way through the day. So experiment and choose great quality makeup.


Are you a crier?? Even if your answer is a confident 'no', your emotions on the day might just take you by surprise. So good quality waterproof is a must! And could you be a crier whose facial expressions change dramatically? If so, you don't want anything that will want to crack, so again great quality makeup is key.


The time of year and temperature matters, especially of you're getting married in the summer months. Consider what you'll need as you may get hot during the day and you'll want your makeup to remain 'just so'!.


Your nerves! Oh my goodness your nerves. Your big day is going to be the makeup-application-day like no other. On a normal day you can apply your makeup with very little on your mind, compared to applying on your big day. So allow for this - it could take you twice or even three times as long. From my experience, the bridal preparation is usually quite chaotic and you'll feel your stress levels'll want your bridal party to get ready, you're thinking about your flowers, your dress and so much more. So allow for these time consuming add-ons while you're doing your makeup.

Sam having her wedding done by professional makeup artist Pretty Please by Katie
Wedding Makeup Artist Pretty Please by Katie


Your attention and skill will need to be on point on your wedding day. Perfect blending is very very important. Remember, your photographer is taking a lot of photos, some of which will be closeups. Now, while your professional photographer will be wanting to catch you in the best angles and light, you won't want your makeup to hinder that. And remember, your guests will be snapping away all day without worrying about the detail of your makeup......and I'm guessing a lot of these photos will be heading to social media channels! So you'll need to skill up to make sure you blend your makeup beautifully so there are no makeup lines at your neck, by your ears or your hairline. We want your photos to be awesome right?!


Flashback is not a great look. This is where (usually in darker environments) your makeup reflects the light from the camera flash, and results in a light patch (or patches) on your skin in the photographs. So again, great quality makeup is key. And test the makeup you use, have test photos taken in darker environments to see the results.

Should I do my own wedding makeup or should I get a professional makeup artist?

The choice is absolutely yours. Remember, I haven't written this to scare you off at all. These are just a few important things for you to consider so that your wedding makeup is how you want it, and gorgeous!

Going for a professional makeup artist

If you decide to go down this route, it's always a good idea to get recommendations from others. A good wedding makeup artist would talk you through their process, get an idea of exactly what you want as a look for your wedding makeup, and they would almost certainly take you through a trial run to make sure you're happy with their work for you.

Doing your own wedding makeup

If you're happy and you know you'll do a great job on your big day like a makeup ninja, go at it like a professional. The advantage you'll have is that it'll cost you very little to have multiple trial runs. Keep applying and practising. Have photographs taken in different lighting environments. See what works for your skin sensitivities. Look for that pesky flashback.

Seyla did her own makeup
Seyla did her own makeup exquisitely

If you're having an engagement shoot with your wedding photographer a great tip is to do your makeup as a practice run for your wedding and get feedback from your photographer.

Good luck and happy wedding planning!

Love Dee x

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