Where are you keeping your beautiful photos? 

They can only truly come to life when they are professionally printed.


Victoria &

Hi guys, this is your page for your wedding photos.

It's been really great working with you both, you are an incredibly beautiful  couple, and your wedding day was amazing.  I hope you like your photos as much as I do.

The links below are where you can access them. They are stored in a secure online gallery, and you can go ahead and download as many as you like! 


There is also a store where you can purchase luxury quality prints, etc.  It's also a great idea to share the links with friends and family - they might want to purchase gifts for you!

If you use the images on social media, I'd be really chuffed if you'd give me a mention (@deeaireyphotography). Although I 'm conscious that you're not looking to put them up on Facebook, etc., so I will respect your wishes.  I'll only post up detail images, like shoes, rings, that sort of thing - no faces.

I've also given you a sneaky little gift - a slideshow of some of your photos to music.

You two are absolutely gorgeous and I hope you like your wedding photos; I love them!  Can't wait to be able to work with you again.

Lots of love. Dee xx